Wednesday March 04 , 2015
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Message from Master (Sat Sri) on the 9th Anniversary (29th June 2014)

The Values of Practicing Positive Spirituality


The purpose of positive spirituality is for transforming common people to become totally optimistic, constructive and truthful. Unless the spiritual practice is easy to follow and brings forth positivity quickly in people there will be no value for the same.

Every human being has got inherent positive and negative qualities that may not be exhibited at all times. Particularly, the negative qualities called 'Vasanas' create prejudice and never allow people to realize 'truth'. Vasanas are brought forward from their earlier births and cumulatively show up along with those of the present birth as well. The moment the spiritual seaker begins the spiritual practice, the propecia online vasanas get destroyed gradually and there will be no scope for creating newer vasanas.

For the present day generation, introducing spirituality is a difficult task because of their lack of knowledge and misgivings about spirituality. The SSB Positivity Foundation, based in the city of Bangalore has now introduced a novel and simple practice of Positive Spirituality suiting to the people of all generations for finding solutions to their problems in a spiritual way. The spirituality will certainly end the problem but it may or may not be favourable to the seekers all the time and accpeting unfavourable solutions require positive mental strength. The positive strength is attained by practicing Silentation under the guidance of the Divine Master that enables the seekers to accept the results as positive. Spirituality never makes the seeker mentally tired who accepts a spiritual solution as it presents.

If people in the society are able to find solutions to their problems, harmony is bound to be created keeping away the commonly found disturbances everywhere. Positive Research Foundation invites everyone to help create harmony in life avoiding confrontation in the society.

I wish that the efforts taken by the SSB Positivity Foundation to create harmony in the society will be successful and eternal.

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“Spiritual practice is to reduce our Negative qualities and to become more positive.”

- Shri Subrahmanya Shiva Balan

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